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swiss DINNO Award – recognising innovative digitisation!

The swiss DINNO Award recognises companies, projects or people who have digitally modernised a product, service or process in an innovative, creative and exemplary manner. The 2018 prize will be personally awarded by Federal Councillor, Johann Schneider-Ammann, during the opening ceremony of SINDEX in Bern on 28 August.

More information: www.swissdinno.ch/ 


Phoenix Mecano: Setago

Project description:

SETAGO Pick2Light is a sensor-assisted assembly guiding system with intuitive software that can be used to map complex processes – like an app.

While designing SETAGO usability was always placed first. That means SETAGO is a system that lets you get started right now without the hassle of programming, with an app-interface as simple as users are used to today. SETAGO Pick2Light is therefore unique in terms of usability. In addition, we have also set ourselves a second main goal while planning the project: affordable pricing. As we are an SME ourselves, we face great difficulties with affordable process improvement and digitization, so we wanted to create something affordable for our target group (SMEs in a similar situation of digitization and investment pressures).

Our Starter kit includes 20 sensors, software, calculator, monitor, pushbutton and I / O control costs. The kit is mounted on our click-easy adapter plates, wired and off you go. The software offers an administrator and an operator mode. As an admin there is the possibility to deposit processes - directly via the software interface. Processes can be created from a bill of material or created step by step. The teach mode allows easy and uncomplicated assignment of the sensors to the individual steps. Subsequent editing and uploading of media files is of course no problem. In operator mode, errors are detected at the moment of the error and the process is disabled until the error message is acknowledged.

Easy installation:

The mounting of the sensors is practical and simple. A separate adapter plate allows a flexible position change of the SETAGO sensors on the profiles. The mounting of the adapter plate can be done either by using M4 screws or cable ties (especially practical with round tubes). The mounting of the sensors on the adapter plate is designed in a flexible, simple way: with our "click-easy" mechanism. This allows sensors to be repositioned and swapped in a matter of seconds - a great convenience in setting up and customizing workstations.

Easy to use:

The program interface does not require complicated technical control elements. Fields are self-explanatory and also understandable for total beginners. The assignment of the sensors can be done via teach mode by physically triggering the sensors. 

Simple application:

The worker is guided through the assembly process step by step. With a processing time of 1.8 milliseconds for the sensor system, there is no danger, even for skilled workers, that the sensors will be too slow for the workers’ pace. In the event of a wrong pick, the process is interrupted at the respective step and I / Os are disabled. Only after acknowledgment of the error the program is able to continue.

Highest flexibility:

Numerous add-ons such as scanners, buttons, pedals, etc. can be connected to SETAGO. Another 1004 sensors can be connected to one starter kit! SETAGO works independently of company networks and ERP systems - it can also be worked completely "offline".



On the one hand, SETAGO has is of great relevance for our own production – because nowadays we have much smaller quantities and higher individualization in our orders. On the other hand, it is the first innovation project in which we have put software in the focus of our development. That was a big step for our company.



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