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swiss DINNO Award – recognising innovative digitisation! 

The swiss DINNO Award recognises companies, projects or people who have digitally modernised a product, service or process in an innovative, creative and exemplary manner. The 2018 prize will be personally awarded by Federal Councillor, Johann Schneider-Ammann, during the opening ceremony of SINDEX in Bern on 28 August.

 More information: www.swissdinno.ch/ 


Pepperl u. Fuchs & MyLiveZone - The intelligent multi-sensor system

Project title:

Connected Customization


What is the purpose of this project:

Digital presentation of an intelligent multi-sensor system for

objects with an innovative training concept


Why is it innovative?

  • Because for the first time Pepperl+Fuchs makes the

materialization of a multi-sensor scan possible worldwide

and independent of place via cloud

  • Because MyLiveZone ensures for the first time the real

time automated access independent of place and time

The intelligent multi-sensor system of Pepperl+Fuchs is located in 3D.aero in Hamburg and is presented, operated and parameterized with the digital presentation and training concept of MyLiveZone at the Sindex in Bern.

A component (i.e: aircraft door, turbine…) is digitalized with the Pepperl+Fuchs system, the data are sent to the cloud and printed in a small format with a 3D-printer at the


Visitors can interactively experience the presentation and

training concept at the fair in real time

Step 1: Intelligent Multi-Sensor-System – The Digitalization System

With a total of 6 R2000 2-D-LiDAR-Sensors Pepperl+Fuchs realized a Multi-Sensor- System with which we generate a 3D-pixel cloud of an object by merging complex measurement data.

Step 2: Intelligent Multi-Sensor-System – The NeoNeon-Cloud for Gobal Data Access

The generated production data in form of a pixel cloud are provided worldwide by a NeoNeon-Cloud-System of Neoception.

Step 3: Intelligent Multi-sensor-System - Production in batch size 1

The availability in the cloud enables the worldwide individual production of lot size 1. We can demonstrate this with an individual production on our booth with a standard 3Dprinter.


The technology of Pepperl+Fuchs is unique and not comparable to the one of other

suppliers, as :

The Connected Customization is interesting for:

  • Provide data for distributed production with high requirements regarding the flexibility

(“Lot size 1”)

  •  Collect 3D-Data for quality assurance or positioning tasks

The special aspect of this solution is:

  • Generate multi-sensorial 3D-data
  •  Cloud based supply of production data
  • Use of a standardized data format




Step1: Worldwide digitalized training and live presentation of industrial products.

The product presentation can take place directly on the system in real time and independently of time and location and the multi-sensor-system does not have to be transported to another place at high risk and costs. Thus the customers can test the system themselves and the performance of the system can be shown impressively.


Step 2: Digitalized and automated live view on the system

Independent of the device, time or location: With the technology of MyLiveZone sales employees of Pepperl+Fuchs can present the system in real-time and at all times to the customers and test it with them:

Via internet and with an access code with any internet browser it is possible to connect to the technology and use it. With a click we are on the scanner and can test the possibilities live.

There are cameras on the system which make the scanner of Pepperl+Fuchs live and interactively visible for the user.


Step 3: Presentation, Further development, Training on the MyLiveZone-Plattform

Work flexibly:

Present real-case-situations of machine and plant components independent of location and time, test or train agile in engineer teams.

Sell easier:

Create trust in the product faster and convince the customers in testing live.

Save costs:

Shipping risks, logistics and assembly costs or travel expenses of the system disappear completely.

Improve quality:

Set top-standards with digital presentations, train collaborators 24/7 and enthuse specialists and students for Pepperl+Fuchs products


Step 4: Range Increase and Employer Branding with MyLiveZone

The technology of MyLiveZone gives the company Pepperl+Fuchs the possibility to present to the MyLiveZone-Community, test and try out independent of location and time new applications which where before only available on-site.

Pepperl+Fuchs can present to potential employees, students or pupils innovative technologies at an early stage and use the platform as a marketing instrument.

Own developers and engineers can test worldwide via this platform and exchange agile projects of product developments. This improves the motivation, bundles knowledge of the whole company and improves staff loyalty.


Why is MyLiveZone innovative?

The technology of MyLiveZone is unique and cannot be compared to the one of other suppliers as the standardization of other software-supplies is not given:

  • Management of the working place with automated access (24/7)
  • Automated booking system
  • Grouping of the working places (at various installations) and automated distribution of various access at the login
  • Optimized protocol
  • No Firewall-Problems with providing companies
  • Worldwide Community to exchange, learn and develop products
  • Learning programs und Toolboxes for lecturers and trainers


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